HomeBiz Green is a simple, easy to implement home business system that anyone can make money with. There are no frills, and there’s no hype. We guide you every step of the way and we’re always available if you need help with something. This is a community of people who work online together to build our business and improve our quality of life. A membership at HomeBiz Green surrounds you with like-minded friends connected by a common goal. We make sure everyone earns. Here’s how ‘simple’ works…

We show you exactly how to get two referrals to this site using the tools that come with your membership. Each referral pays 50% commissions, which pays for your membership. There’s also a resources section in your members area that contains links to third-party marketing tools. If you decide to use them, you then enter your affiliate id so your referrals to this site sign up with your link which makes those resources also free. These are hand-picked and thoroughly tested. We didn’t just take a bunch of junk and make a downline builder for the sake of funneling money.

Now comes the profit. Once you sign up, you have the opportunity to buy into a lucrative third party business that takes a $100 investment and gives you a huge return. This is a referral based business that uses a well thought out downline structure. It ensures that no one needs more than two referrals, which is the basis of how our system works. Anyone you refer to this site ends up under you if you don’t have two referrals yet. We limit everyone to two referrals and place referrals under members who don’t already have two.

The advantage to this over other business builders is that it helps people who have trouble getting referrals, but gives incentive for everyone to do  their share of the work. Even if you end up getting your two referrals given to you, it’s still in your best interest to work toward getting referrals for them. It’s a win win for everyone involved.